Life beyond the common occurrence!!

Make me a fish and I will swim across the ocean,

Make me a bird and I will fly around the whole world.

Make me a lion and I will rule the vast forests,

Make me a man and I will not follow the common occurrence!


We all dream. It’s more like saying we all piss. It’s more of a necessity than a likability. Sometimes we do it in our sleeps and sometimes wide awake (Of course not like Walter Mitty. I mean that man could dream of jumping out of a airplane without a parachute and still land safely on the ground without a scratch on his damn body.)

Dreams give us hope. Dreams give us a reason to live.

After a common life of 18 years I thought okay it’s enough. I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I planned to start my own magazine just like Richard Branson. With the help of some very talented group of people I started working on it. We worked passionately towards realizing our dream. Sometimes it wouldn’t let me sleep.”After all dreams are not the ones we see in our sleep but are those which wouldn’t let us sleep“.

I used to plan all night for the next steps to be taken. We loved it because for us, our ultimate dream was coming into picture.  After many serious attempts it did not work out. Something or the other interrupted our dream. Ultimately we had to split due to our other responsibilities.

But if you ask me I never felt worked out. I was never pissed because i had spent my last six months doing something I really liked, something no one else would have attempted at my age except he is Richard Branson. My eyes always shone bright. When I think of it today, achieving it did not matter to me as much doing something out of the common occurrence mattered. 


It’s been 2 years now. Now I am fond of reading and writing. If you would have asked me some years back  this would have seemed the most boring plan to execute but today I spend my day reading new stuff and writing my thoughts on the paper. People around me say this doesn’t have any future. But I don’t do it considering my future in it. I do it because in this moment it gives me shear pleasure. Maybe after some months I will get bored of it and will be doing some other thing that will be more crazy than this one. Or maybe that thing I’ll do will forge my future. Who knows and who fucking cares?

You see passion is the fuel in the engine of life. It leads us to new horizons. It makes us feel we are different.

Common occurrence includes being born,crying after being born and crying throughout our lives for small things. Believe me maximum people fall in the category of common occurrence. They don’t know it yet or maybe they do and can not do anything about it.

 So which category do you fall in??



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