“All right, Good night Malaysian 370”

It does not take a very sensitive man to feel the agony of the relatives of the 239 people who boarded Flight MH370 on 8th March 2014. When I woke up next morning ,I read the news about the flight gone missing. I didn’t feel much disturbed as I expected it to be a fault in catching signal or something. It was after different kind of news started making rounds that I started feeling the pain of those who are still in hope of seeing their loved ones walk out of this trouble safe.



One can only expect it not to be a terrorist activity but then we are left with the only other option that is sudden engine failure and the crash.

I am not fragile but I stop whenever my mind tries to put myself in the shoes of the relatives of the people missing. You see the condition is even worse for them. Our mind has a tendency to find answers to everything and it feels disturbed if some fact goes missing. And here we are talking about the missing of our fathers,mothers and other closest relations we can think of.

Some have lost all hope but most are living on hope now. Some afflicted people have even started calling the Malaysian airlines as “mass murderers”. Mass prayers are being held in Kaula Lumpur.


“I’m missing daddy. I’m missing daddy. When’s daddy coming home? is daddy still missing?” These are the words of 3 year old Lincoln to his mother Danica wife of Paul, one of the 227 passengers on flight 370.

“Pain is unbearable. But I am ready to wait my whole life for Paul. Until the flight is found, Paul is alive for me.” said Danica.

This is what I am talking about here. The wait is even more painful than the death. People can get over crashes and death and they can not deal with questions left unanswered. There is a wide area to be searched and with the depth of Indian ocean it is even more difficult to predict something now. Wide search is being carried out. The search area is approximately 216,000 square km, about 2,000 km northwest of Perth. The latest detection was carried out by Australia and China who have detected black box ping but people are getting skeptical now.

“There have been a lot of false leads in this story and we need to be extremely cautious with any information that comes.” Greg Waldron, Asia managing editor of Flight global publication told AFP.

“All right, Good night”

These were the last words recorded from the cockpit said by either the pilot or the co-pilot. If the flight crashed somewhere in the sea or the land,I do hope the death was not painful for the people inside the flight. We can only find solace in the fact that there is still hope.



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