Good vs Evil and Everything!!


In the end of HBO’s true detective, ever so realist Rush Cohle asks another lead character Marty , “What do you see when you look up in the sky Marty?”

Marty replies, “I see some stars up there.”

To this Rust replies, “you know what I see. I see that now light is winning.”

And there ends the fantastic season.

I have never been a great fan of stories they teach all around the world about victory of ‘Good over Evil’. But I just had to believe it when Rust himself said as I had believed in other things he said throughout the season.

I started believing in the victory of Good over Evil when I was charged in school for something I never did. It was some of my class mates who plotted it on me. I was small and innocent then and I had no say as all the evidences were against me. In the end I was acquitted and theory of victory of Good over Evil became evident. But some of the recent events have led me to believe otherwise.

I think we are missing something here. Not always does the end define the means.


What if good won over evil but evil succeeded in doing what it came for in the first place? Its intentions were never to win the race but to win over the minds of runners running the race.

They say it’s always darkest before the dawn. Yes it will always end up with light winning over dark. But right at the time when it was darkest, evil enjoyed its share of victory. It never waited for the dawn. It had already left. It had got what it came for.

I have seen people turn wild for no reason. I have seen families break. I have seen blood been shed for small issues. Maybe it all becomes fine in the end where people shake each other’s hands and patch up. But right there at the moment where they were even ready to kill the other person, they had let evil win.

I have seen a brother instead of moaning his son’s death, accusing his brother of killing his son just because he didn’t like his brother. And it was his only chance to take revenge. I would again emphasize that maybe someday he will realize his mistake and apologize but he had already given the trophy to the evil.

Either you die a hero or see yourself turn into a villain!

There is evil on every path, on every turn. You cannot run away from it. We humans are made of evil. No matter how much good we wish for others but we always pray more good for us. We have killed every animal on this planet for greed even our closest ones those being humans ourselves.

But look how ironical it is. When we die, in our grave death always win over life either because death was always on the side of good or because victory of good over evil is a fluke!! 


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