Life Is The Best Teacher!!

While most of you spent this week just like the last one, I had just had the most eventful week of my life. So must to learn and so much to grasp. Life is the best teacher and no matter how stubborn a student you are, it teaches you its importance. You wake up someday and realize that you are one more day old and you are never going to be the guy you were yesterday. Let me tell you how this life so easily taught me the best lesson of my life and how this week was not like any other I had ever lived.

1. Monday

My bike broke down just in front of a friend’s house and I got down to fix it. At that very moment he came out of his house and called his driver. We used to play football together many years back. He was extremely rich but he never made me feel so. We used to love each other’s company despite the difference of our statures. But slowly we parted. He went to his lavish and opulent life and I went to my migratory and testing life.

The driver brought his BMW and he drove it away. But in those 2 minutes when he was waiting for his BMW and I was fixing my bike, he looked at me and moved his head to say ‘Hi’. His eyes indicated that he wanted to say something. I had no words. How could I say something? The guy owned a BMW and what did I have to my name, a Bike? I thought. I wanted to be that rich.

2. Wednesday

One of my friend, more like my big brother, called me to ask if I would go with him to a party. Let me tell you some things about him. He lives in a single room and wears a simple ‘Kurta’ everyday. I never asked him about what he did. He owns a bicycle and leads an uncomplicated life. He asked me to dress my best to the party. I thought he must have been talking about a religious function or a ceremony which he called party.

He called a taxi and picked me up that night. I thought it to be a misunderstanding when the taxi dropped us to one of the best hotel in India, ITC Maurya. It turned out that he worked in the biggest law firm in India. I simply couldn’t express my delight when I got to know that the chief guest was the Defense and Finance minister of India, Mr. Arun Jaitley. I couldn’t speak more than ‘Nice to meet you’ when he introduced me to people including politicians, Lawyers and Models. I wanted time to stop and let me love everything about that moment. All the things I had been thinking about past 2 days had come true in some way. It was even more astonishing when the taxi which dropped us home was a BMW provided by the hotel.

3. Friday

I was at my home trying to write about my week when I remembered some work I had to do. I stopped at a red light and was already cursing myself for again degrading to my ruthless life. But then something strange happened. A scooter stopped next to me and a middle aged man was driving it. He was accompanied by 3 of his family members. I looked at them and then I looked at myself. How selfish I had been? How I could just see millions above me and ignore billions below me? The family looked just as content as my neighbor was on his cycle or my friend must have been inside his BMW. I thought.

The people on the top of the chain say that you must never feel satisfied and strive for more. I had spent 3 days feeling unsatisfied and I know how it degrades you. It’s not a good feeling to curse your life for what you don’t have. I never said that don’t aspire to be rich or break boundaries but also enjoy your today however unfulfilled it is.

It shouldn’t happen that after some years you achieved everything but you forgot how to feel satisfied.


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