What is Hindu Terrorism?

I was busy past couple of days and couldn’t go through the news. Today while going through my Facebook(which is where you find all the news these days, though always manipulative) I came across a shocking news that Mr. Bhansali has been bashed by some people who believed that he was interfering with the facts to make a movie. Although a reason enough to bash someone, it has be in history first. And Let us first get around this question ‘what is history?’

 The whole series of past events connected with a particular person or thing.

Now is there any proof that the events concerning romance angle between Rani Padmavati and Alauddin Khilji happened? No.

Is there any proof that the events concerning romance angle between Rani Padmavati and Alauddin Khilji didn’t happen? Again No.

Proof or not, was it right on part of people of Kranti Sena to hit someone or destroy someone’s property? Absolutely No.

Now shouldn’t Mr. Bhansali call it a work of fiction and not history if he has to make the movie according to what he believes. A Resounding yes.

Protest against Sanjay Leela Bhansali


Now this was the event. But what happened after was even more terrifying . Sushant Singh (Rajput) dropped his surname to protest against the Rajputs who wanted to defend what according to them was their past, a part of their culture. Keep it or Not, I don’t think Rajputs really rely on his name to be known or to progress. It’s the person who was born into the community and not the other way round. Some day in future some Indians would protest to preserve their culture, I guess he would want to stop being called an Indian. Then again, Mr. Singh or Rajput, it’s not the other way round.

Then something very unfortunate happened, Anurag Kashyap called it ‘Hindu Terrorism’. I would not take up anything he had said in past as it’s not relevant. What’s relevant is how he relates his own religion to terrorism with such freedom without thinking once about the consequences. If at all there was something called Hindu Terrorism according to what he believed, he wouldn’t have dared to do so. I wouldn’t name any other religion it would be very naïve to put a religion’s name behind terrorism when the whole world and all religions are being targeted by these terrorists.

So what then is Hindu Terrorism?

In 16th century, Mughals came, ruled , raped, stole, indulged in Proselytism. The fact that we Hindus let them do that to us is Hindu Terrorism.

When British came, we let them in with open arms and they ended up ruling us for 200 years. The fact that we could hit our own people on the orders of British is Hindu Terrorism.

I am often told by my grandparents and my parents that we are a very tolerant religion and Hinduism is not actually a religion, there was no founder of Hinduism, we have existed from the first man and will die with the last. Hinduism is a way of living. We believe that our present actions will decide our future so we think twice before making any decision.

But when I look at our Gods and Goddesses, if in one hand they hold a flower then in other hand they also have a sword. There is a Sati and Kali in everyone. Which means there is a point until which we will tolerate(Sati) and when that point is reached we won’t think twice before bringing the sword in action(Kali). You know what, not adhering to this is Hindu Terrorism.

Finally, in these times of corruption, manipulation, terrorism and dirty politics, Hindus not standing together and fighting against these powers trying to demean us and our religion is in fact Hindu Terrorism.

And like always this particular terrorism will hurt Hindus more than anyone else in the world!






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