Life – A living and moving art

Past 2 months have been the most difficult of my life. But the best part was I didn’t depend on anyone except my own self to take me out of it. I continuously gave strength to myself and helped myself at each step. I won’t get down to what happened as it doesn’t matter. For one, losing his wife could as painful as other losing his job. It’s relative. We can’t compare our pain. Can we? I would hate to see a world that can.

You are more alone than you can imagine, this should not be a source of fear but of freedom when you prove to yourself that you can get things done yourself. That you experience a sense of liberation. You are no longer waiting for people to do this or that for you. You have confidence that you can manage the most adverse situation on your own.

Dependency is a habit that is so easy to acquire. We live in a world and culture where we are provided all kinds of crutches to turn to, drugs to keep every psychological disorder at ease, mild pleasures to pass or kill time, jobs to keep you just above water. These are all hard to resist but once you enter this prison it’s almost impossible to leave. You continue to look outward for help. This limits your ability. When your time comes, which inevitably comes for everyone, when you have to make the most important decisions of your life, you have nothing inside yourself to depend on.


You are driven by your need to please others, your boss, your parents, your peers, your friends, your boyfriends or girlfriends, everyone. You are driven by your fears and  your past. It’s time to free yourself and the way to free yourself is to decide and decide consciously what you want your life to be about. Decide where you want to see yourself in 10 years.

You are the painting, you are the paintbrush, you are the colors. You are the questions and you are the answers you are looking for. You are everything, we are everything. We are the consciousness wrapped inside a body. We are the most advanced species so we better be having a great time. Turn your life into a living and moving art because anything less would be tragic, my friend.

Best of luck!



3 thoughts on “Life – A living and moving art

  1. Well written Sushant , wish you all the best in your spiritual journey to find truth and to finally find the real you.
    Best way to live life is to LIVE LIFE…

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