You can always choose your own path!

Last month my dad died, if I can live my life like my dad did then my dream would be true. Said the man when asked about his dream in life.

From living a simple yet accomplished life like your father to becoming the richest man on Earth, it’s all the same. Your honest purpose in life. You just have to recognize why you were born in this world. You don’t actually know if you will get another chance with life. So if you can only be sure about this life then why aren’t you doing what you love to do? If you want to become a doctor or an engineer its fine but if you don’t then why are you even wasting your time trying to be one.

Some call it destiny, some call it a dream; I say it’s your wish.

I was watching this movie based on an Indian racer whose despairing life led him to turn back during an Olympic final race and lose as a result. An unemotional me turned emotional for a moment. Tears flew down unintentionally. But when I think about it, they weren’t due to the racer’s past or his life but for the country he represented. They were for the flag that flew seamlessly in the air. They were for the racer’s only purpose in life which was to win a gold for his country

I had not been a very good Indian over the past years. I loved Spain for Real Madrid. I loved Paris for Ernest Hemingway. I loved United States for its passionate people. But I failed to love India for what it was until I met this friend of mine.

At the end of the year when almost everyone was busy enjoying his or her success and glorious four years in college, he would sit and enjoy our success with us. He had not been selected in any company rather he didn’t apply in one. College ended and he still wasn’t much worried about anything, not his future, not his life.
When I met him some days back and asked him about his future plans and what was he busy doing, he said that he had applied for the Indian Air Force. I was surprised that even after four years of our friendship I couldn’t know him. He always talked about his love for the country and how he wanted to change it for good. This day he said that some aspire to become Bill Gates, some for Steve Jobs but he never aspired to become one of those.
He said that if he could do something substantial for his country he could easily die in peace. He said he was sent to this country to serve it. He sleeps thinking about it, dreams about it and wakes up with the same thought. His passion for the country brought tears in my eyes. These were the same tears I had at the end of that movie, the same emotions.

He wrote once on the desks we used to sit:

Show me the money, I won’t sway
Take my life and I won’t budge
I want to live for this country and die any day
Maybe hard for you to understand so let my god be the judge.


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