There is nothing called forgiveness, people just have short memories!!

From past few weeks I have been busy writing the script and screenplay for a friend who is trying his hand in direction. Though it seems easy to pen down a story with a potential to convert into a fabulous movie but it’s one the hardest things I have attempted so far. You know the story must have a moral base with witty dialogues. But most of all it must entertain its audience for the complete duration which is not a cake walk. When you try something different in your story and take a moral high ground it starts losing its audience. 


And writing something new and different is taking a toll on me, especially because I have spent my life watching movies of all kind. Whenever my mind starts thinking out of the line there comes a point when I wonder if I had taken inspiration from other movies, which is not acceptable in my case. I am yet to write the ending for the movie and believe me it is the most difficult part. You want people to love your story which is only possible if you have an exceptional ending to the story, a happy ending. No matter how good your movie was, your ending should even be better. Take the case of “The prestige” by ‘Christopher Nolan’, the movie was perfect in every sense. While watching the movie we wonder what is left in the movie after ‘Christian Bale’ was jailed. We think that ‘Hugh Jackman’ has triumphed but there we miss the whole point which we come to know after the ending which in every sense perfect. The movie was never about magic rather it was about sacrifice and unconditional love for family. We feel awestruck after the ending. I want that kind of ending to it.

My script where on one side is focused on forgiveness, it’s a simple story of hatred and how it causes differences in people.  In few words I would like to explain my reason to write the story on this subject.

God: You tend to hate everybody.

Man: No, I just remember everything.

A misanthropist is a person who hates everybody. Nobody is born misanthropist and not everybody can be a misanthropist. It is not because different people have different ideologies but because not everybody can remember everything. You see humans have a natural tendency to forget stuff. A man’s mind is not made to remember everything. We remember stuff which is either the most important or the most profitable. In life we move on. If we had a fight with someone and we hated what he had to say about us, we just shrug and move on. After some days or maybe months we meet the same person and greet as if we never had any differences. Now there is no point of hatred because our mind does not remember or does not care about what happened the other night. If only we had a better memory, no one in the world could make us stand on the same ground.


“There is nothing called forgiveness, people just have short memories.” Matthew Mcconaughey 

The ones we love the most, we end up hating the most. It’s a fact because we don’t expect them to hurt us and an unexpected hit is rather the most powerful one. But we are also incurred with a power to forget everything. We may remain agitated for some time but eventually we just move on. But those of us who can’t move on end up being misanthropists.

My script takes this point of view and makes a story out of it. It’s a story I am sure everyone of us can relate to. In the end it’s good we have this tendency to forget because this world works on love and there is no place of hatred in it. 


2 thoughts on “There is nothing called forgiveness, people just have short memories!!

  1. The simple events will lead to an ending… just need to be more careful when you observe things in your vicinity….

    • Though I am trying the ending to be simple but the kind of audience we have in India decides the kind of ending my script has. But I know eventually some idea will strike out of observation and lead to an ending.

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